Call for Abstracts, Posters, Symposia, and pre-Conference Workshop Organization
Abstracts dealing with scientific research or best practice examples in all areas in quality-of-life, well-being and happiness are highly welcomed. The following topics and tracks are provided as an illustration:

Topic 1: Cultures and the History of Well-being
Tracks: Understandings of well-being. Well-being across cultures. History of well-being. Religion, spirituality and well-being. 

Topic 2: Well-Being in the World and in Regions
Tracks: Arctic Circle. Africa. Asia. “Takashi Inoguchi Endowed Track on Quality of Life and Well-being in East Asia”. “Mahar Mangahas Endowed Track for the Advancement of Quality of Life and Well-Being in Southeast Asia”. Oceania. Middle East. Latin America. Caribbean. North America. Western Europe. Eastern Europe. 

Topic 3: Well-Being in Different Populations
Tracks: “The Daniel Shek-Wofoo Foundation Endowed Track for the Advancement of Adolescent Quality of Life Research”. “The Kenneth C. Land Endowed Track on the Advancement of Quality of Life and Well-Being of Children”. Disabled. Elderly. “The Elizabeth Eckermann Endowed Track on Gender and Quality of Life”. Migrants. Refugees. The Poor. The Rich. “The Ronald E. Anderson Endowed Track on the Alleviation of Human Suffering”.

Topic 4: Methodological Issues in the Study of Quality-of-life, Happiness and Well-Being
Tracks: Big data. Causality issues. Composite indices. Conceptualizations. Database handling. Measurement of quality-of-life. Modelling. Psychometrics. Qualitative research. Quantitative methods. Surveys. 

Topic 5: Applied Research in Well-Being 
Tracks: Business and marketing. Education. Environmental. Financial. Health. Housing and neighbourhood. Pharmacology and health care. Recreation and using of leisure time. Traveling and tourism. Urban planning and policies. 

Topic 6: Disciplinary Approaches to Well-Being, Happiness and Quality-of-life
Tracks: Anthropology. Biology. Ecology. Economics. Education. Medicine. Neuroscience. Philosophy. Political science. Psychology. Sociology. Social work. 

Topic 7: Promoting Well-Being: Public Policy and Development
Tracks: “The Rhonda G. Phillips Endowed Track for the Promotion of Community Development and Community Well-Being”. Human development. Poverty alleviation. Sustainable development and sustainability. Social development. "The M. Joseph Sirgy Endowed Track on Well-Being and Policy".

Topic 8: Beyond GDP. New Understandings and Measures of Progress 
Tracks: Measuring the performance of societies. New understandings of progress in societies and how to measure it. 

Topic 9: Philanthropy. Volunteerism and Well-being
Tracks: Volunteerism. Altruism. Philanthropy. 

Abstracts will be submitted to the different topics of the conference. Abstracts must be submitted by the presenting author. The presenting author of accepted abstracts must be registered for the conference to be included in the conference program. Submitting authors should choose one topic in which they want to submit the abstract. They are requested to carefully check the entire list of topics to ensure they submit to the most appropriate topic.

Deadline for the abstract submission is December 20th, 2018. EXTENDED DEADLINE: January 20th, 2019 Notification of acceptance will be e-mailed to the presenting author by February 15th, 2019.

Early bird submission: 31st October. If you send the abstract during October you can have an answer concerning the committee decision before 30th November. 

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions.

Submitting authors should choose if they want to submit an abstract for Oral presentation, Poster, Symposia, or pre-Conference Workshop. Click here for submission instructions.