Posters should be printed in A0 format.

Would you like to print your poster in the Congress venue?

You can do it in Ángela Pareja Garcia, and we will place it for you in the wall. Alternatively, you can bring it with you and place it yourself.

If you want that we do it for yourself, you can send your poster at before 25th August. It will be printed in A0 format and it has a cost of 15€. In order to print it, it is necessary to pay in advance before 25th August.

You can pay via paypal:

Bank Transfer: ES94 1465 01 00982050380212

Alternatively, you can pay at your arrival in cash or with credit card. However, it is very important that you come to pick it up, and you will have to place it in the wall. You can always bring your own poster with you, and place it in the wall.