Care provided to people with special needs

The 17th ISQOLS 2019 annual Conference, Happiness in a Multicultural World, wishes to facilitate the participation and accessibility of all attendees, especially the group with functional diversity and elderly people. The main venues of the congress, the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Granada, have accessible spaces and adapted infrastructures, but they are 8 minutes far from each other in walking distance.

The organization of the congress aims to make available technical and personal support to people with functional diversity. We have academic members in the organizing committee who volunteers to support the different needs that are demanded by people with functional diversity and elderly people. Therefore, we ask all those who wish to indicate the specific mobility needs they require to the email address:

The support from the organizing committee will be provided according to the demand of needs. This support is limited, and could only be provided to around seven people, so once we reach this limit we cannot provide any more support. Please note that people who give support are not profesional caregivers, but academics who volunteer. Medical support cannot be provided.