In the 2019 ISQOLS Congress we are working on how to expand and facilitate the assistance to the congress. Participation on congresses could be inconvenient for those with a firm commitment with a work/family balance. In particular, this could be specially challenging for women that just have become mothers.

Therefore we are glad to announce that we will be offering childcare services during the  Congress at Granada, so you can enjoy the conference to its full extent.

The company chosen to provide this service is one of the first Family Friendly Coworkings in Spain. During the last 3 years, Cofamily has been a reference to those who want to achieve a true work/life balance, providing a space with all the amenities of a shared office together with a childcare service.

Their installations are within a 11 minutes walk from the conference hall and you can choose between two different options: Childcare or Workhub+childcare.


If you are interested on any of these services during the development of the congress, please visit the following webpage, where you will find details and ways to proceed: